Afsana Khan’s ‘Buland aawaaz’ is sure to take her places in Bigg Boss 15

Probably the spiciest Indian reality show, Bigg Boss, has finally started. Apparently, this is the most talked about show where the contestants are judged for almost everything they do. It’s the magic of the show’s concept that has managed to keep its loyal fans engaged despite running for the last 15 years with similar elements of entertainment. Same is the case with this 15th season as well. Here the fans can’t wait till the weekend to know who is going to be eliminated.

A staunch Bigg Boss watcher gets it from the first day itself, or even before, about which Bigg Boss contestant is going to last till the finale.  And, Afsana Khan is one such promising contender for the 15th season of Bigg Boss.

Afsana Khan: Where talent meets popularity

Afsana Khan has the characteristics to be the subject of discussions and rumor mills of the viewers. The best thing about her is that she is a true entertainer, which is the foremost characteristic that both the makers and the viewers expect from a contestant. She ticks all the boxes to be a deserving and promising contender for Bigg Boss 15, be it about the talent, controversy, or glamour.

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Afsana has participated in 3rd season of the Voice of Punjab. However, it’s the Dhakka controversy that she is known the most for. In fact, this famous ‘Titlian Warga’ star is currently one of the most popular singers in Punjabi music industry, thus rubbishing the claims that Big Boss only invites outdated, jobless contenders.

Those uninitiated, ‘Titlian Warga’ sung by Afsana Khan, featuring Hardy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta has already crossed 710 million views. She has a whopping 1.3 million plus followers on Instagram. With such a huge bank of fans and followers, Afsana certainly has enough in her kitty to claim the finale spot, at least.   It’s not just Titlian Warga though; songs like Chandigarh Shehr, Kadar, Nakhre Jatti De, etc make her a household name in Punjabi music industry.

Afsana Khan: A peek into the ‘Dhakka’ controversy

You can’t survive inside the Big Boss house with mere talent. More than talent, controversy is the biggest qualification parameter that one needs to possess to be the best-fit inside Big Boss house. In this context, Afsana perfectly fits the bill as her biggest hit is the most controversial as well. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the Dhakka song here. Actually, Afsana sung it while on a visit to her school, the video of which went viral. Later she had to deal with a complaint filed allegedly for propagating gun culture in the school for this song.

With a badass girl personality, it will not be surprising if you see nothing hundreds of Afsana Khan fan page on various social media platform or to see her on the finale stag.


Afsana Khan’s ‘Buland aawaaz’ is sure to take her places in Bigg Boss 15

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