Bigg Boss 10 | Priyanka’s surprise eviction; meanness punished

She ranted, fought, demeaned people, peed in her pants and did everything possible to be labeled the villain of the Bigg Boss 10 house. But that was not enough for Priyanka Jagga to save her from eviction. Priyanka became the first Bigg Boss contestant of the season to be evicted from the house.

It’s good to see meanness has not gone unpunished. Surprising many as in previous edition’s trend, meanness was always rewarded.

This season has been a mix of commoners and celebrities, who have struggled to gel together in the first week. While the celebrities tried to play it safe, the Indiawaale group appeared more aggressive and prepared to take fight against the other group.

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Commoners Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi made their presence felt with their loud and aggressive approach.

If you go by the show’s history, troublemakers have always had a big impact and made it to the end of the show. Imam Siddiqui, Dolly Bindra, Ajaz Khan and Ali Quli Mirza are prime examples.

In the TRP rat race meanness and ugly fights have always been the channel’s wish and looking at the first week’s episodes, it seems there won’t be any dearth of ugliness this season.


Bigg Boss 10 | Priyanka’s surprise eviction; meanness punished

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