Bigg Boss 14 | Devoleena loses the plot | Celeb support for Rubina

BB 14 | 5th Feb 2021 

The episode begins with with Kajrare song.

Rakhi remains stubborn about not cleaning utensils as others insist no breakfast if she doesn’t clean utensils. Rubina then says she will eat in her plate as the other plates are not clean. Devoleena asks her to clean things of own, both argue. Arshi supports Devoleena.

Devoleena is hurt when Abhinav says that when people don’t get content then they aim him and Rubina. Arshi laughs as Devoleena loses it. Devoleena speaks to Rakhi about not cleaning utensils now.   

Rubina asks Rakhi and Devoleena not to go inside kitchen if they won’t clean utensil. However, Abhinav argues with her for this claiming this makes her dumb. Rubina bows down in front of Devoleena and Rakhi, requesting them to clean utensils.

Devoleena expresses her feeling with Rakhi about Arshi cursing her.

She, (Devoleena) requests Big Boss for calling her to confession room; else she will do things that will make BB call. Devoleena breaks coffee mugs.

She asks Arshi to confess if she didn’t curse her family. Arshi refuses. Devoleena loses her cool. Aly takes Devo to bedroom. Rubina asks Devoleena to stop this drama. Devoleena puts mug full food in Arshi’s mouth. Later, Devoleena breaks bathroom stuffs and screams her heart out worrying of her pet. Later, BB informs Devoleena that everything is alright, and nominates her till end of season.

Rakhi and Nikki fight; Rakhi threatens her; says will break her head if she says anything about her family; both fight. Nikki asks Rakhi to return her new eye shadow. Rakhi throws the eye-shadow and claims that she doesn’t like it. Nikki calls Rakhi cheap. Devoleena asks Rakhi to use her stuffs.

Devoleena gives her make up to Rakhi as she was searching in dustbin. Rahul asks his stylist to bring make up for Rakhi. Aly, Nikki, Abhi and Arshi discuss about Rakhi’s fondness for make-up.

Celebrity comments:

Meanwhile support pours in for Rubina on social media.
Kamya Punjabi tweeted, “Well i would do the same what #Rubina did… #RakhiSawant u need to know when n where to stop!”

Srishty Rode: “I might have done worst #RubinaDilaik we are with you girl.” Ex-BB14 contestant Shehzad Deol tweeted, “Well done #RubinaDilaik Rakhi deserves it

Shehzad Deol: Well done #RubinaDilaik👏 Rakhi deserves it! #BB14

Vikaas Kalantri: Winner of the #BiggBoss this year for me is still #RubinaDilaik more and more power to you. And i am sure you will come out victorious whenever that happens. I also love the way #abhinav is playing. A true gentleman. All the best guys


Bigg Boss 14 | Devoleena loses the plot | Celeb support for Rubina

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