Karan Kundrra: Watch him to learn the art of playing ’the game‘| Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is one of the most challenging reality shows to participate in, mainly because of its highly diverse audience base. Here the audience wants you to be fair, but in no way be a ‘good boy’. It means that the audience wants to know that you have the potential to be ‘bad’, but you are acting fair and square. In short, you need to be ‘cunning’ to survive in this house. And, Karan Kundrra has all these attributes in plenty. Basically, Karan has learnt the art of coming out with flying colours on the camera quite well. Take the case of the Shamita Shetty incident where he bluntly called her ‘aunty’, and then quite effortlessly and easily, apologized as well. In both cases Karan grabbed the headlines .

Karan is one contestant who seems to have done a lot of homework prior to entering the house. He is not like a Rimi Sen or a Sahil Shroff who are  stamped as inactive players.He is strongly engaged without making fights personal. The way he schooled Pratik Sehajpal exemplifies how to remain perfectly involved in the house, without making enemies. Now, someone watching Bigg Boss 15 closely can easily see that he is not in a mood to make friends or foes, just to play the Game by giving his 100%.

When it comes to comparing Karan with any of the past contestants, it can be said that he is just unlike any other contender before him. He is well-controlled like Vikas Gupta, but certainly not as melodramatic or cry baby. He is not a shouter like KRK, Gautam Gulati, or Ajaz Khan, but is always completely involved in every task. He is also not bullish like Sidharth Shukla neither does he try to be a romantic.His game plan has no room for luring girls as by chasing girls or remaining within a group, a significant percent of votes get cut. Yet he shows aggression when required, and mingles with the girls quite smartly. Karan is a calm person, but not as naïve as Rahul Roy.

In short, he is not into excess of anything as he understands that being typecast inside the Bigg Boss house is boring. And, being a bore inside the Bigg Boss house is a sin. You can be anything, any level of bizarre, but you must not be boring inside the modern day Bigg Boss house.

It can be safely said that someone planning to enter the house in the forthcoming weeks should definitely observe Karan. It will be miracle if we don’t see him in the finale week.            

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Karan Kundrra: Watch him to learn the art of playing ’the game‘| Bigg Boss

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