No room for ‘gentlemen’ in Bigg Boss house | Sahil Shroff evicted

So, Bigg Boss 15 has witnessed its first elimination, and it was none other than Sahil Shroff. Strange part is that Salman’s abuse has made rather bigger noise than Sahil’s elimination.

Whatever one could see of him on VootOTT,  Sahil seemed to have an interesting personality with full of engaging stories. In fact, his life has been full of struggles. A well-educated Sahil, having a Master’s degree in IT, a successful super model, and has acted in films like Don 2 as well.

Starting from being a passionate cricketer, to spending six years in Australia, working there as a bouncer, simply because it was a well-paid job, Sahil’s life is packed with interesting tales. But who cares? Such naïve and gentlemanly things are only meant for the OTT platforms, not for the main TV show. Yes none of his stories made it to the main TV show but one could see it on Voot. And it top it all, people like Rakhi Sawant, who are known for their ‘no talent, only drama’ image were there to teach Sahil, not take the show lightly. 

Of course, those who like Rakhi Sawant’s antics, may not find Sahil interesting. But, people those who have made Rahul Roy a winner would definitely see potential in Sahil’s game. Now, the question is -has the show become rather a controversy manufacturing house rather than anengaging reality show?

The show basically asks its contestants to be genuine as possible. A genuine human being would try to maintain peace rather than creating chaos for footage. But problem is that the Bigg Boss encourages only ‘bad boys’.

In this context, the statement of Sahil Shrof post eviction is worth a read. Sahil’s claim after getting evicted was that, despite getting involved in various household chores, nothing made it to the show. He said, the show prioritizes fights.

Are those days gone when Big Boss had room for gentlemen like Rahul? No way he would survived in the later seasons – not doing any drama, not shedding a drop of tear, not hurling abuses or throwing tantrums. Patience, intellect, wisdom, and genuineness were the elements of his characteristics those led him to win the trophy. 

After winning the trophy, Rahul’s statement was, “Have blind faith in God. If your thoughts are correct, you will win. I was strong and did not indulge in any sort of game plan but was just myself and I got personal satisfaction. My wife had told me,’ just be yourself. Your patience and understanding will work’. Which I think it did.”

Rahul’s twin brother Rohit Roy has this to say about his brother’s victory, “I attribute it to Rahul’s boarding school background. He was the House captain during his academic years. He has always had a tolerant and calm temperament.”

Hope, in forthcoming years Bigg Boss creates some room for contestants those who idolize Rahul, at least for the sake of change.

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No room for ‘gentlemen’ in Bigg Boss house | Sahil Shroff evicted

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