Tejasswi Prakash | Know more about probably the most confident contender of Bigg Boss15

Tejasswi Prakash is certainly the most loved name to enter the Bigg Boss 15 house. She is expected to have the same aura that Shehnaz Gill had; being bubbly, funny, funky, and above all entertaining. Importantly, Tejasswi knows her strengths and is going to capitalize on the same.

She has some genuine worries though -of missing her mother and quality food. Being very candid, Tejasswi makes it clear that controversy is not her cup of tea. But, she promises no scarcity of ‘entertainment’ from her side.

Revealing her strategy:

About strategy, she is going to keep things simple as possible. She is simply going to enjoy her stint being with strangers in the Bigg Boss house, and have fun! Probably the first non-controversial contender who is a strong claimant to the trophy, Tejasswi was unexpectedly applauded for her performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi.

A key thing that Tejasswi has cited prior to entering the Bigg Boss house that proves her intelligence is – She knows everything that happens outside the house matters more than what goes on inside. She means fan base. In short, she has realized the significance of fan power in the house. Though the show has big names like Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundra, etc, but Tejasswi is confident about getting love from her fans. Tejasswi revealed that she is not looking for love, but wants to entertain her fans.

Throwing more lights on the theme, Tejasswi seems quite excited about experiencing jungle life as she has confronted challenges quite well in her earlier Khatron Ke Khiladi stint. She admits being a little nervous as well.  Revealing more about her strategy, Tejasswi is clear that she will not hold back while performing. Citing her KKK10 performance, Tejasswi has ensured that no one can doubt her courage. She has been a strong believer of giving her everything for the show and embracing every challenge.   

Tejasswi Prakash | Pic credit: Instagram

Citing the top 3 reasons those will make her win the show:

On a concluding note, Tejasswi has come up with three key reasons why she can win. First reason is she is entertaining. Second reason she cites is her characteristic to raise her voice for the right. Third and the most crucial reason she has articulated is being extremely passionate about winning the show for her fans.

Though this season of Bigg Boss has many celebrities like Jay Bhanushali, Afsana Khan, Akasa Singh, etc, Tejasswi’s answer certainly proves her confidence, thus making her a strong contender.


Tejasswi Prakash | Know more about probably the most confident contender of Bigg Boss15

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