Aamir Khan reveals he was moved after reading ‘Dangal’ script

Aamir Khan is all set to take the box office by storm this Christmas with his wrestling drama, Dangal. The versatile actor is playing a role of Mahavir Phogat, a wrestler, and a middle-aged father, on whose life the movie is based upon.

The Dangal star spent countless hours with Mahavir Phogat, while staying at his house. He had to gain a lot of weight to play the wrestler’s character in the movie. But, according to Aamir, it was worth it, as the script of the movie left him moved, and inspired, at the same time.

“When I read the script I was moved, as it made me laugh and cry,” Aamir said. “It is a very inspiring story. I had done Dhoom 3 and PK in which I had to look slimmer and younger.”

“For Dangal, I had to play a 55-year-old, which is closer to my real age,” he added. “I was worried playing an older man and thought I would rather do this film after about five-six or eight-ten years.”

Getting into the character was a challenge for even someone like Aamir. He had to build a physique like Mahavir, who has raised multiple wrestlers, including Rio bound Babita Kumari and Vinesh Phogat, in his household.

“I felt practically I shouldn’t do the film at all,” Aamir revealed. “But I gave it a second thought, which indeed came from my heart, and I called director Nitesh to come over and narrate the story again to me.”


Aamir Khan reveals he was moved after reading ‘Dangal’ script

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