Amitabh Bachchan in all his modesty claims that he still has plenty to learn from new generation of actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqu and Vidya Balan. All three powerhouse of talents will be seen together in Sujoy Ghosh’s latest production ‘TE3N’. Amitabh and Vidya shared their mutual admiration for each other at the trailer launch of the movie shot entirely in Kolkata.

Amitabh Bachchan has already featured in a couple of films with the Kahaani actress Vidya, including Paa. “It’s always a joy to work with Vidya, and I was equally delighted to work with Nawaz whom I’ve always admired. He is a phenomenal talent,” told Bachchan.

The trailer launch of the Ribhu Gupta film comes up after the first poster of Te3n, which was realeased a few days back and showed Bachchan and Siddiqui on a scooter. Filmmmaker Sujoy Ghosh, the creative director of the film wanted to film shot in Goa but had to shift the location to Kolkata due to permission issues.

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