Sussanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan divorce: The real reason behind the split revealed!

Two years ago, when Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan called off their 14 years long marriage, both fans and media went crazy. There were lots of speculations regarding the split, right from Sussanne’s closeness to Arjun Rampal to adultery. But the duo, much like two matured individuals, kept their mouth shut and didn’t fall in any controversy.

After a long silence, Sussanne has finally revealed the reason why once much-in-love couple decided to split, which once, in an interview Hrithik referred to as ‘worse than death’. In an interview with a leading magazine Sussanne opened up about ending the marriage, while maintaining that they still have a lot of mutual respect for each other, despite not being together. “We had reached a stage in our lives where I decided that it’s better we weren’t together,” Sussanne revealed. “It was important to be aware and not be in a false relationship.”

“We are close (friends). We do chat a lot even though we don’t hangout together anymore,” she said. “But above all, we are very committed to our children.”

“We are respectful towards each other. When children are involved, it’s important to put our differences aside and protect them,” she insisted.

It is a fact that both Hrithik and Sussanne still take stands for each other, and often seen together in important events of their children. Recently, Sussanne supported Hrithik, who was in a legal battle with Kangana Ranaut, saying that the pictures used against him are morphed.


Sussanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan divorce: The real reason behind the split revealed!

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