‘What fight?’ says Kapil Sharma; Sunil Grover says bye bye

The controversial relationship between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has taken an ugly turn and looks like has hit a dead end. Sunil Grover is reportedly quitting his show and it looks like Kapil has bitten off more than he can chew this time.

Although talking to an entertainment portal, Kapil has rubbished the ‘flight fight’. He told Bollywood Life, “I don’t remember. Actually we fight on every flight…we fight everywhere…It is a healthy fight…We fight for work…We fight for good work.”

But according to reports, Kapil does not forget to remind his co-actors that he has given them a platform and they owe him their success. Kapil is also fond of his alcohol. The latest issue started when the team had gone to Australia to perform.

Kapil Sharma had a showdown with his friend Chandan Prabhakar, who plays a chaiwallah on the show. On the flight, Kapil had his fill of booze and then demanded to be served more. When the airline staff declined, he started abusing loudly. According to spotboyE , Sunil asked him not to use foul language in public. This angered Kapil even more and he started abusing and hitting Sunil. An ugly altercation followed. 

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The making of Sunil Grover

I met Sunil Grover in 2000 when he was my co-anchor for a game show on a Punjabi TV channel. He was just Sunil Grover then; he has since then gained name and fame as a comedian, whether it’s his SRK impersonations, Guthi or Dr Mashoor Gulati or even his latest avatar as Rinku Bhabhi.

He was good to work with. His talent, ambition and focus stood out. We were supposed to be co-hosting the show, but he easily overshadowed me with his spontaneity, presence and fluency. He was the star of the show not because of his looks or clothes but the way he carried the show on his shoulders and the way he interacted with the audiences.

The other thing that stood out about him even then was his keen observation and how he was able to mimic people on the set. I remember when we used to get stressed, he would do a Shah Rukh Khan takeoff and it was so effortless.  

There was no news of him for years after that. And then you caught him making an odd comic appearance on radio and TV. Soon he created a space for himself. He had no Godfather and struggled to get parts in movies like Pyar To Hona Hi Tha, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Insan, Ghajini. I guess the movies didn’t do much for his career.

I’m sure the journey from Punjab to the hub of Bollywood – Mumbai must have been a tough one.

Success took its time coming to him.

It also took a different route – he got celebrity status not as a hero but as a comedian. In fact it was his turn as Gutthi (on Comedy Nights with Kapil) that brought him nationwide fame and made him a household name. For a storehouse of talent that he is, it would not be easy playing second fiddle to someone who maybe has less class and more mass.

They have had their issues in the past. Sunil left the show to start his own show – Mad in India, which folded up without creating any waves. Sunil then rejoined Kapil’s team, which must have given Kapil’s ego a huge boost.

All I hear now after the flight fight, Sunil has had enough and finally has said goodbye to The Kapil Sharma Show. But you never know as they say never say never. But for all Sunil Grover fans, Kapil Sharma or no Kapil Sharma, he as Dr Mashoor Gulati alias Rinku Bhabhi alias Gutthi has carved a unique space in the television industry to sustain him a lifetime.


‘What fight?’ says Kapil Sharma; Sunil Grover says bye bye

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  • Aayushi Jain

    Hands down a Sunil Grover fan!
    I don’t deny that kapil does tickle my funny bone but to be a fan of someone, that person needs to earn a certain amount of respect which he has now lost completely!!

    • Kaamna Jain

      I am a Sunil Grover fan too. It is sad to see people let their success get to their head. Kapil has accepted in his latest facebook post that he did shout at Sunil but it was just once in their five year association and that “itna to chalta hai”. This is taking Chalta hai attitude too far!

  • Aayushi Jain

    And you are right, I still remember the show that sunil and you co-hosted. Even after years if I remember the name of the show, it’s because of Sunil’s wit and presence of mind and ofcourse, because my sister was co hosting

  • Anurag Sharma

    Being an actor myself I had worked once with Sunil Grover for an ABP News comedy show. We were playing spoofs. Doubtlessly he is gem of a person as Kaamna rightly remarked.