Commoner Manveer Gurjar Wins Bigg Boss Season 10!

After spending over three months in the Bigg Boss 10 house and beating 15 fellow contestants, commoner Manveer Gurjar has finally emerged as the winner.

Hailing from a small town, Gurjar came across as a very intimidating personality when he had first set his foot in the house. His brooding personality gave many housemates a big complex.

However, with time he turned into a patient and mature person. So much so, that he would single-handedly take care of Swami Om and his antics. His journey was not only a treat to watch but in the end, he left many inspired. He even shed all his inhibitions and showed his sensitive and emotional side.

 manveer gurjar

He can be termed as the underdog of the season as many thought that he is nothing without his best friend Manu Punjabi, but this big win signifies that he had the capabilities to bag the trophy and he actually did.


However, Bani J’s fans are going berserk on Twitter:




Commoner Manveer Gurjar Wins Bigg Boss Season 10!

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