Sardar Udham | A tribute from one great actor to a legend | From Vicky Kaushal to Irrfan Khan

Bollywood though still is waiting for its loyal fans to flock to the theatres, but the supply of quality cinema has not been affected anyway courtesy the OTT platforms.

Sardar Udham Singh staring Vicky Kaushal is going to premiere on 16th October, 2021on Amazon Prime. Legendry actor late Irfan Khan was supposed to play the lead, but owing to his deteriorating health condition, and considering that the movie’s demand for strong physique, Irrfan had to pass it on. In fact, Irrfan himself had asked the director Shoojit Sirkar to go ahead with the project with any other actor.


Vicky Kaushal: the best possible replacement

No one can dare to doubt about the talent that Irrfan was or the grace at which he would have pulled the character. However, it’s true at the same time that no one doubts Vicky’s talent as well. The Masan actor is one of the finest talents at the moment, and the best part is that he himself is a massive fan of Irrfan.

Vicky has been vocal about his admiration for Irrfan Khan, and the most recent is at the Kapil Sharma Show. Vicky said that he is a big fan of Irrfan and loves him a lot. For Vicky, Irrfan is one of the best that the world of actors has witnessed so far. Talking about the project, he said that each shot, each take, is a tribute to Irrfan.

There are many aspects similar between the two actors, and the foremost among these is the knack of getting in to the skin of character. Vicky is an actor, like Irrfan, who always emphasizes on the depth of the story or character, rather than worrying about what others think. 

While speaking to a leading news platform, Vicky said that for him, a film is either a good one or a bad one. The most important aspect for him is to ensure whether the movie is connecting with its target audience. He is not someone who simply doesn’t think much about public image – on whether he has done a lot of patriotic films or romantic ones.

For Vicky, if a story is appealing to him, he will go for it, no matter there are already hundreds in similar genre under his kitty. Very much like Irrfan, Vicky also thinks it from the audience point of view.

Not caring about being called a typecast

During an interview to News 18, Vicky claims that he is not afraid of being called a typecast. Needless to say, Irrfan was an actor of same mindset. The common factor of putting life in to every character they do is evident between Vicky and Irrfan. Vicky said that he discussed with his director that the best way to portray the character was to get entirely submissive towards the vision of the great personality. Now, being a loyal fan of Irrfan one can easily claim that Irrfan would have done exactly the same had he been a part of the project.

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Sardar Udham | A tribute from one great actor to a legend | From Vicky Kaushal to Irrfan Khan

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