Swami Om kicked out of Big Boss House for throwing piss at Bani

The 10th season of reality show Bigg Boss is hitting a new low with every passing day, courtesy Swami Om. While his credentials have never been top notch, no one expected that he will stoop to such disgusting levels on national television. Apart from creating havoc in every task and talking shit about everyone and everything under the stars, the self-proclaimed godman has now done something so cringe-worthy that it’ll disgust the living daylights out of you.

Here’s what happened :-

Swami Om and Bani J had to compete against each other for the captaincy of the house for the next week.

Now, Swami Om being the way he is, couldn’t take it that he was losing the task to Bani. The entire house took a stand and decided not to lend any support to him. So, the miffed baba urinated in a mug and then threw his piss at Bani. No kidding!

The whole house was taken aback by such monstrosity. In a bid to retaliate for his evil deed, Bani kicked him. What’s more, Rohan came to her rescue and slapped him across his face. The entire house then took a united stand and sent the baba to prison immediately.

It was then that Bigg Boss decided to punish Swami Om by evicting him from the house for good.

Well, better late than never as they say, right?

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Swami Om kicked out of Big Boss House for throwing piss at Bani

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