Game of Thrones Countdown has Begun

The countdown for Game of Thrones season six has begun. Audience all around is desperately waiting for the show to come up, as it has already been a year long wait.

This show has been critically admired and has got so much acceptance due to its content. It has got action, it has story line, nudity, sexual content, violence and production quality for a TV show which has duly generated much attention.

When asked with certain questions regarding the nudity and sexual content of the show, most of the viewers had positive approach towards the same. From make-up to location, characters to content every single thought gave rise to the idea of watching the action which is running hard for the throne. So let’s hush and wait for the series to give it a smack back once again.

There are countless rumours on board which are buzzing with so much information regarding the characters who are in and who will stand out of the season. Last season was left on the narrow escape, so there is lot more to explore in season 6. Up till now the waiting game is on and the fans are now acknowledged the most devoted lot and can’t wait for season 6 to begin this April.



Game of Thrones Countdown has Begun

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