Virat Kohli : I’ve eight tattoos, am yet to see Taj Mahal, Switzerland and Vaishno Devi

Yes that’s right. Virat Kohli has never been to Switzerland, never visited Vaishno Devi and this is the biggest secret of them all – the India Test captain is yet to see the Taj Mahal. No, not even once even on his school trip or even with ladylove Anushka Sharma.  

Here are a few more interesting unknown facts; Virat has eight tattoos in his body right now, his dressing room nickname is Cheeku and at home he’s called Veeru.

The star cricketer revealed all this in Gurgaon during a candid interaction with Virat FanBox members; an exclusive fan club launched in April 2016 in partnership with PrivyPlex. He will also be meeting more of his fans in other cities soon.

Virat Kohli with a fan

Virat Kohli with a fan

Here’s the full transcript of Virat Kohli’s interaction with his fans:

What is Virat’s nickname?

My nickname given to me by my teammates is Cheeku. But, at home my family has given me too many nicknames. You know how it is, your mum would call you something and then your brother and sister would call you something else. But yes, they call me Veeru at home mostly. I have some 50-60 names. Whatever comes to their mind and heart, but mostly, Veeru.

During your tough times, who was the most encouraging person in your life?

Before playing for the country, obviously my family has always been supporting me. My brother and my father used to be involved in my practices. They would take me to my practice every day. My coach has been a big support. I have been practicing with the same coach since I was eight. He has always been there for me. So these three people I think, my coach, my brother and my father are the ones who have always stood by me in my tough times and good times also.

How many tattoos does Virat have?

Eight. Because the tattoos on my left hand are not connected yet. But once everything is done, then it would become three.

After you lose a game, what motivates you to go back and play the game again?

I hate losing. It’s difficult to take losses but I sit down and think about where we lost the game. Obviously you don’t play that badly that you’re completely outplayed or beaten. So you need to understand where you went wrong and how badly did you play. Say, if it’s an IPL game or a T20 game. You need to understand what overs you played badly obviously it can’t be the entire game.

And then you can work on those overs or balls and come back the next time and try to correct those mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen. But then it’s about how much time you have, in between those mistakes. They shouldn’t be repetitive and they should be improving with every game. This is what we look for. We look for mistakes and the try to improve upon them.

He also played the game ‘Never Have I Ever’ with his fans, few excerpts:

1.Never have I ever been to Switzerland.

2. Never have I ever been to Vaishno Devi. Although as a North Indian, it’s not very common to not go to Vaishno Devi. But I have not got a chance to go there yet.

3. When a fan said, “Never have I ever drove an Audi R8.” Virat answered, “I just sold mine a few days back. Maybe you can leave your number and I will take you out for a drive when I get another one.”


Virat Kohli : I’ve eight tattoos, am yet to see Taj Mahal, Switzerland and Vaishno Devi

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