5 ways to keep fit this monsoon season

The Monsoon season has already started this year and as expected we are witness to heavy rainfall around us. People are happy to welcome the monsoon showers after experiencing days of hot, scorching sun rays. The rainy season has its own charms of lush greenery and cool weather. Oh, the delightful pleasure of a steaming cup of tea or hot coffee in the comfort of our homes. But along with this, the time has also come where we need to take extra care of our health. It is the time when we can get sick quite easily, quite quickly. Why? Because even though rain helps life in general, it dulls the immune system in our body.

We can avoid getting sick by doing a few simple things. Here is a list of ways to keep fit and fine in the rainy season:

1. Less spicy food

Experts recommended avoiding spicy and oily food in this season. Generally people face heath issues at this time of the year courtesy the spicy food they in-take. So less spicy food in monsoon does help in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

2Indoor exercises:

As a habit, people tend to skip exercise or go for indoor exercise during the rainy season. Going to the gym is one such form of exercise, whose bar suddenly goes up in this weather. Another option is to try body weight exercise like planks, push-ups, squats and lunges at home on your own.  Not only do they help in burning calories, but also improve muscular strength. Indoor badminton can also help in burning calories to good effect.

3. Road running:  

Road running in the rains has its own charm

Road running in the rains has its own charm

Although it can be followed in every season in every part of the world, it is possibly the best physical exercise for the human body in the rainy season. One can venture out in jogging tracks in the neighborhood park or just take to the road. If you are wondering how running can be feasible in the rainy season; let me tell you that there is a different charm in running on a slightly wet road where each tree and each plant looks freshly bathed, and the glistening leaves and the aroma of wet earth all add to the experience of running. There is definitely some strange love connection between monsoon and running. Try it this monsoon.

4. Practicing Yoga:  

It is a common belief the yoga is about increasing flexibility. A lesser known fact is that yoga also helps build immunity. Pranayams like Bhramari and Anulom Vilom help in reducing respiratory problems which are a common affliction during monsoon.

5. Climb Stairs

A perfect way to get some exercise in the rainy season is to utilize the stairs in your home or apartment building. The rain is not likely to disturb this form of exercise and it can be dome at any time of the day.

By Yash Grover


5 ways to keep fit this monsoon season

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