How to stop worrying about pleasing people

I wonder how Cristiano Ronaldo would be feeling now that his bust has been installed at the international airport in the Spanish city of Madeira. The airport has also been named after him.

The sculpture does not do justice to Ronaldo, a handsome man by all standards. In fact it looks nothing like the footballer; rather looks like his funny, abnormal version. Ronaldo being a sporting icon took it … well sportingly but the Internet went berserk with outrage at the lack of resemblance to the footballer.

A lesser mortal would have cracked up, hats off to the sculpture Emanuel Santos, who shrugged off criticism nonchalantly saying that “It is a matter of taste. You cannot please everyone”. Wow this guy is surely sorted.


The world is anyway becoming a difficult place to please. Ask the guy who wanted to please the two most important people in his life and ended up with hilarious consequences. He not only failed miserably in achieving what he had set out to do but also became the butt of jokes all over the world.

In a truly incredible man of the match acceptance speech recently, Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas, thanked his wife and girlfriend in the same breath and in the same sentence. “ I appreciate my fans… Also my wife and my girlfriend” He stumbled as he realized his mistake and corrected himself, “er I mean my wife. Sorry, Im sorry…yeah I mean my wife. I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart.” Too late, you sealed your place in history as the guy who had the best of both worlds but lost it in a rush of emotions when he inadvertently declared his lucky status to the whole world.

We are trying to please people around us all the time, aren’t we? We try to please our bosses for a promotion or increment, we try to please friends and family members because we want to look good or be in their good books, we try to please our partners so that they continue to love us. Ask yourself this one question and be honest. How many people do you know who are trying to please you? Unless you are a Narendra Modi or an in power politician or a high ranking official, chances are that you can count them on your fingers.

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Time on this earth is short. So isn’t it time you started doing something/things that make you happy. The way things are going, very soon you will find it formidable to even please yourself. If you like your meat better than your vegetables or if your idea of a date is a rendezvous with your beloved in a public place, both are almost out of bounds. Forget about pleasing others, you will be lucky if you are able to please yourself in times to come.

What are some of the things that make you happy? I would love to know.


How to stop worrying about pleasing people

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