How to style your hair differently this Diwali

Paying attention to your hair is as important as paying attention to ensembles and make-up during Diwali. Try opting for buns or fish tails to stand out this Diwali.

Aashmeen Munjaal Make-up expert and director of Star Salon n’ Academy, has shared hairstyling tips for this festive season.

* To highlight your hairstyle go for a french hairstyle with a messy fish tail.

* Side swept soft curls will go look beautiful both Indian and western wear.

* Make French Braid from front till back, both the side and then make Ponytail.

* On Saris and Lehenga braided bun or small puff hairstyle with open hair will give a royal look.

* Those women prefer short hair can go for asymmetrical angled bob blunt cut or long bob.

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How to style your hair differently this Diwali

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