Hungry kya? A tasty solution for late night food cravings

Just a couple of months back, my son’s schedule, had turned completely upside down as he was appearing for class XII exams. He would sleep through the day and study at night. He would rummage through kitchen cupboards and end up either making Maggi or eating cookies/toasted bread-butter.

Guess what,I have stumbled upon a solution for him and many owls like him, who study up late night and people in general who stay up late. Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow (HU&HC) is the perfect joint to satisfy your late night hunger cravings for people in Noida.

Wood fired Pizza & more

Wood fired Pizza & more

Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow provides home step delivery of your favourite fast food – Italian & Chinese cuisine in the middle of the night.

All of us have gorged and then gotten sick of the greasy paranthas, the most commonly available food for late nighters. Now you can order freshly cooked sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and Chowmein, all with the freshness that comes from home kitchen without sacrificing either the authenticity or the flavors.

HU&HC is run by brothers Vaibhav Bhatt and Sameer Bhatt, who hit upon the idea in their student days, when they realized there was a lack of food options for them when they were studying or partying late night.

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This coupled with their love for food pushed them towards setting up Hungry Ullu, a name apt and self-explanatory for its offering. They started from their home kitchen last year supplying to their family and friends and have now moved into a bigger place where all Noidaiites can order and enjoy the food in the comfort of their homes. They have expanded their enterprise to include Chinese food too now.

I tried the thin crust Farm Fresh Pizza topped with lots of veggies. Prepared in wood fired oven, the base was crispy, the veggies were garden-fresh and the cheese just melted in the mouth. All of their pizzas can be customised according to your choice – thin crust or thick crust, more veggies or more cheese. And the best part is you get piping hot pizza home delivered, that too in the middle of the night.

To tell you a secret, I would be happy to order from HU&HC even during the day (if only they were open during the day) because I found their stuff better than even the branded pizzas available in every other neighbourhood.

Do try the summer cooler Mojito from the HU&HC bar, it is a sure winner –refreshing and energising. You could order Cold Coffee, along with Oreo and Ferrero Rocher shakes.

So next time if you are having a weekend late night party with friends at home, HU&HC is an interesting option to go for.

Order today…oops tonight. You can thank me later!



Hungry kya? A tasty solution for late night food cravings

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