Sumptuous Food, Great Service | IT professionals show the way for Restaurant Entrepreneurship

As is typical of teenagers growing up in the ninety’s in India they didn’t have an option but to go for engineering courses. And after becoming successful IT Professionals four college friends decided to join hands do something on their own. They didn’t have to look far for an idea for their maiden entrepreneurial venture – their common passion for Food decided that. “None of us are from the Food and Beverages background but when we decided to do something on our own, we knew it has to be something related to food as we love eating out and wanted to make a difference, says Kapil Saxena, one of the proud co-founders of Paprika Park – The Imperial & The Majestic.

Little over a year ago they came up with Paprika Park, The Majestic – the first and only park themed restaurant in NCR. The fine dining restaurant is conveniently located in the sprawling Indirapuram Habitat Centre Complex. For the last one year it has been serving some of the most sumptuous Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines.

Apart from having a relaxing and beautiful decor, the theme of the restaurant has a philosophical undertone – “India is the spiritual guru of the world”. To bring that to life 7 different sections have been created to depict seven different countries of the world. This concept along with the meditational music and the sound of birds chirping makes the patrons feel absolutely relaxed while enjoying the best gastronomic experience.

Now time to talk about the most significant aspect of a restaurant – food. To start with there is a wide variety of vegetarian and Non-veg sizzlers. Apart from the theme, this has been the USP of the restaurant over the last one year.

 That aroma of the burning coal and butter, while dishes get served at their tables have proved to be the most intriguing factor for our customers, and we have gathered accolades from our customers of all age groups for this,” Kapil adds.

A sizzling brownie dessert called the Hot Spot has also turned out to be a big hit across all age groups. The live on-table tadka of Tur daal and Peshawari Raan are other two things patrons have showered praise on.

Encouraged by the response the friends decided it was time to raise the bar. After winning the hearts of Indirapuram, Noida and nearby residents, they decided to go niche with The Imperial – a buffet restaurant and a banquet hall. The Imperial’s mouth-watering six-course buffet along with its imperial décor, are already a big hit with both families and corporates alike.

With emphasis on best in class service, and a constant endeavor to re-invent itself, the Paprika Park restaurants have certainly emerged as one of the most sought after eating joints in NCR. 


Sumptuous Food, Great Service | IT professionals show the way for Restaurant Entrepreneurship

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